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It has never been as easy to not only reach all city inhabitants, but to target and amplify outdoor advertising according to your aims and target groups.
​The major strength of Bus Shelters and City Lights is uniform and comprehensive coverage of an entire urban area. 
On bus shelters and city information panels as well as in high-traffic public areas such as subway stations, airports and shopping centres, they guarantee high contact volumes and superb advertising reach for an urban, mobile population. The result: excellent publicity around-the-clock. 


According to Outdoor Impact research, our daily travelling patterns are quite predictable, which makes it easy for bus shelters and citylights to generate a frequency of at least once a day during your campaign. Whether you use outdoor as a standalone media or in a mix with other channels - we will certainly raise your campaign`s frequency.


People spend at least several minutes waiting for their buses in our bus shelters and they are ready to absorb truly interesting messages. Differently from other media, outdoor is not limited or linked to a certain technology – thus a wealth of innovative and creative solutions can be used.