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Often "larger than life", these formats guarantee that your message will be the most important in the chosen area. Some of our partners go as far as to using certain locations for years in a row to be associated with a certain area or a particular building.


Located primarily on major roads, they attract high-density consumer exposure (mostly to vehicular traffic, but often to pedestrians). Bulletins afford heightened visibility due not only to their size, but also because they allow creative “customizing” through extensions and embellishments

Billboard backlit Senior

Billboards type "Senior" - stands out as one a true "jewel" in the background of monotonous environment. Create a huge impression on potential audience through discreet and elegant design.

Todor Kableshkov Str., next to Mall Bulgaria
Todor Kableshkov Str., next to Mall Bulgaria

Billboard scroller

Situated on the main TOP crossroads where there is no other advertising units. Perfect visibility for all target groups - car and passenger traffic. The movement of different images attracts attention and allows more customers to advertise at the same time on top locations. Backlit illuminated constructions which are harmoniously synchronized with the surrounding urban environment.